Coating Pan

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Coating Pan

OSA Type Coating Pan has less trouble and a sanitary structure with high productivity.
Coating Pan is a welded structure made of stainless steel finished to be high quality.

Models in various size including one for experimental use are available.
A special pan and a large size are customized.
An internal adjuster plate is also mounted.

Model OCP-100

Model OCP-100

Features of Coating Pan

  • Suitable for use in production of confections and medicines.
  • Optimal to use in sugar coating and chocolate coating.
  • Accurate coating performance without uneven coating
  • Easy cleaning (easy maintenance)
  • Low noise level.
  • Freely selectable rotation of pan by an inverter.
  • OCP-M5
    Model OCP-M5
  • Model OCP-100 100kgModel OCP-100 100kg

Model-specific ability list ( batch capacity )

OCP-M5 5kg
OCP-100 100kg

※Specifications are subject to change without notice.

Automatic Chocolate Spray Plant


A manual work for supplying chocolate to a coating pan has been automated by a chocolate spray device which sprays chocolate automatically onto a coating pan.

automatic chocolate spray plant

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