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Crunchy Chocolate Forming Machine

Since 1932, OSA Machinery has concentrated its effort on the production of chocolate manufacturing machines.

Since 1932, Osa Machine has been exclusively pursuing engineering and manufacture of chocolate forming machine. From 1988 on, Osa has been developing and selling crunchy chocolate forming machine based on the long experience and unique technology gained by it as a specialist of chocolate forming machine.

Osa's Crunchy Chocolate Forming Machine makes crunchy chocolate cakes of light taste by mixing puffed rice, corn flakes, dried fruits, nuts (almond slices, peanuts, macadamia nuts, hazel nuts, etc.), crushed biscuits, etc. with chocolate, and filling the same in molds. It is capable of making a wide range of chocolate cakes from handy presents, kids' favorites and to gift items.

Osa's Crunchy Chocolate Forming Machine is uniquely able to adapt to various production mode including semi-automatic, automatic, assembly into a molding plant in fully automatic operation, etc.

Crunchy Chocolate Forming Machine
Measurement of standard mold
CCF-275 275mm×205mm
CCF-400 400mm×205mm
CCF-425 425mm×275mm
CCF-600 600mm×275mm

Others: Machine can be fabricated to the specification of your mold.

※Specifications are subject to change without notice.

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