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Chocolate Half Coating Machine

Chocolate Half Coating Machine

Enables quick, even coating of product surfaces.

These models are enrobers improved for the purpose of coating the surfaces of eclairs, doughnuts, cream cakes and chocolate bread with chocolate.

Chocolate is evenly coated, and that the continuous operation assures higher productivity.

Features of the Half Coating Machine

  • A compact design ensures limited space requirement, and a portable unit can be moved to any desired place.
  • More than one roll which rotates at high speed is provided in a manner that products may be moved speedily and smoothly. A scraper is provided on each roll.
  • Chocolate is flown in a sheet between the rolls so that it may not adhere to them.
  • The machine is provided with a debarring screen to remove chocolate burns which may be mixed in the chocolate fluid.l
  • The flow rate of the chocolate fluid can be regulated with ease and at an operator's discretion.
  • The chocolate circulating pump motor assures ideal temperature control of chocolate fluid in the tank.

Individual specifications and capabilities List

ModelEffective net width
TCC-300 300mm
TCC-600 600mm
TCC-800 800mm
TCC-1000 1,000mm
TCC-1200 1,200mm

※Specifications are subject to change without notice.

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