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Continuous Fondant Beater H-3/H-7/H-30

  • Continuous Fondant Beater H-3
  • Continuous Fondant Beater H-7
  • Continuous Fondant Beater H-30

Excellent Soft Taste! Continuous Bulk Production is Assured with Minimum Space Requirements.

This Fondant Beater produces high quality fondant by carrying out three fundamental processes of fondant production, namely, mixing sufficient air into, and fully cooling and agitating syrup.
Feed the syrup into the upper hopper (of Models H-3 and H-7) and operate the cock to feed the syrup into the jacketed cooling cylinder of the fondant beater without cooling it in advance. Then, a screw provided with special mixing blades rotates to automatically turn the syrup into fondant in a state of white cream.
The internal cylinder of the jacketed cooling cylinder is made of stainless steel, and the screw provided with special mixing blades is made of special gun metal. The upper syrup hopper (of Models H-3 and H-7) are made of stainless steel, assuring hygienic operation.
Since the operation is carried out continuously, no cleaning of the machine is required after each process is completed.

Features of the Fondant Beater

  • Heated syrup is immediately changed into fondant.
  • Excellent, soft fondant is always produced to enhance the quality of your products.
  • Fondant may be used immediately after it is produced.
  • Installation space is minimized.
Daily production Capacity 350kg/8hours 800~1,000kg/8hour 2,500~4,000kg/8hours

※Specifications are subject to change without notice.

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