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Icing Coater IC-600/IC-800

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The Optimum Machine for Icing of Danish Pastries.

This machine performs both line icing and total icing continuously and speedily. The machine configuration features separate conveyor and tank sections. Parts in contact with liquid are made of stainless steel for easy cleaning using warm water.

Features of the Icing Coater

  • Easy dissassembly and cleaning of tank section with custom-made stainless steel pump.
  • Jacket-type tank with electric heater allows constant temperature to be maintained.
  • A three-way cock allows flow rate to be freely controlled.
  • The machine is provided with casters to facilitate movement to the ingredients filling room.
  • The conveyor mechanism is divided into three zones. Wire net conveyors for front and rear sections and a netted fabric type with scraper for the central section are used.
  • The central section can be removed and cleaned easily.
  • The scraper fitted to the central section prevents adhesion of material to the cake base.
  • This machine can also be used for chocolate decorative coating.
  • A machine for glaze coating can be manufactured on request.

Specifications(Models/Tempering Capacity)

Effective net width 600mm(800mm)
Net Speed 2.0m~6.6m/min

( ):for IC-800

※Specifications are subject to change without notice.

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