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Small-sized Bar Forming Machine (Model:NR-250)

Crunchy chocolate has become increasingly popular in various chocolate products recently for its light tasts.Popular bar chocolate products offer mouth-watering enjoyment.

Osa's Bar Forming Machine makes crunchy bar chocolate by mixing ingredients such as puffed rice,corn flakes,dried fruits,nuts(sliced almonds,peanuts,macadamia nuts,hazelnuts,etc.) or crushed biscuits with chocolate and filling bar molds with the mix. The machine can be set to automatically perform any number of operations,from mixing ingredients to forming,cutting,and coating chocolate bars.

In addition to its Bar Forming Machine,Osa Machine also manufactures units such as automatic mixing equipment and chocolate coating machines as optional equipment.

  • molding02

    1. Use nuts, puffed rice, dried fruits, corn flakes or other items as raw materials,

  • molding03

    2. To form products such as chocolate bars.

  • molding04

    3. Can even coat chocolate bars if needed.

Individual specifications and capabilities List

Effective Belt Width 250mm 300mm 600mm 800mm

※Specifications are subject to change without notice.

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