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Moulding Plant

This is a full-scale fully automatic chocolate moulding plant consisting of depositors, a vertical cooler, a de-moulder, etc. It is a fully automatic and totally unmanned plant for manufacturing shell chocolate with cream or jam deposited in the center as well as chocolate bars.

The plant control can be done concentrically at the control box. By changing center materials (cream, nuts, etc.), variety of products can be manufactured to meet the time and the consumers`needs.

Wonderful soft taste  The smallest space in continuous mass production

Main Components of Plant

  • Chocolate Depositor
    Accurate filling rate can be obtained for the product ranging from small products to large ones easily with a handle operation. An inverter control can change and set the filling frequency. Hoppersection is of hot water jacket type.
  • Shaking Conveyor
    It is a process to remove foams (deaeration) in the chocolate filled in a mold and at the same time fill chocolate into all the corners of the mold desing in order to produce more beautiful products.
  • Shell Forming Machine
    It produces shell indispensabale to meet the users` needs for thinner and more uniformed shells.
  • Mold Reheat Conveyor
    It reheats the cooled mold with a conveyor equipped with a hot air blower before filling chocolate. This is a process indispensable for the prevention of fat bloom on the chocolate.
  • Center Depositor
    It is a depositor which is exclusively used for viscous and much sugary products, such as cleam, jam, etc. and can deposit materials as accurately as a chocolate depositor.
  • Vertical Cooler
    It is a vertical cooler developed for an effective use of the space in a factory. It displays the maximum cooling function in a small space. The mold housing capacity is available from 200 molds for a small type to 600 molds for a large type.
  • Demoulder
    It automatically demoulds the cooled and solidified chocolate. A double mechanism structured with a twisting unit and an air hammmer unit with variable hammer power eliminate a failure in demoulding products regardless of their thickness.

Dimension of standard chocolate mould

Length×Width×Height 275mm×205mm×24mm
Length×Width×Height 400mm×205mm×24mm
Length×Width×Height 425mm×275mm×24mm
Length×Width×Height 600mm×275mm×27mm

※Specifications are subject to change without notice.



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