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We support our customers' ideal chocolate making.

代表取締役社長 塚本 真也

President Shinya Tsukamoto

With our extensive experience and unique technology in the field of chocolate manufacturing machinery, Osa Machinery is committed to developing and offering high-quality "products." These encompass not only tangible goods but also intangible elements such as proposing solutions to address customer challenges, ensuring smooth delivery, facilitating startup processes, and providing comprehensive after-sales service.

At present, the chocolate market boasts the largest scale within the domestic confectionery industry and has diversified in numerous ways. In response to this dynamic market, Osa Machinery assumes the role of a prominent player in the chocolate manufacturing machinery sector. We address manufacturing challenges faced by our customers and provide customized machinery that aligns with their specific requirements. As a member of the General Packer Co.,

Ltd. group, we are dedicated to supporting the realization of our customers' chocolate-making aspirations through integrated solutions that encompass everything from chocolate production to packaging and cartoning.