Specialized Manufacture of Chocolate Manufacturing Machinery - Osa Machinery

In 1932, Osa Machinery started operation as Japan's first specialized manufacturer of chocolate manufacturing machinery.

Since then, we have earned a soild reputation with our accumulated wealth of experience and quite unique technology along with the history of chocolate development in Japan.

Our customers in Japan and overseas have continued to choose our highly reliable chocolate manufacturing machinery.


High original technology

Osa Machinery manufactures machinery for all processes concering the manufacture of chocolate, "from the process of roasting cacao beans to the process before packing.

"With our desing and manufacturing systems that can support various requirements of customers, we customize machinery in accordance with your desired specifications.

Integration of our technology nurtured over many years enables us to provide manufacturing machinery unique to customers.


Accumulated wealth of experience

Throughout our long history of more than 80 years since our founding, Osa Machinery has adhered to our approach as a chocolate manufacturing machinery maker.

For example, our unique technology is used for various popular products is including "egg-shaped chocolates."

We will continue to respong to any order of machinery for manufacturing chocolate by our accumulated wealth of experience and the latest technology.


Flexible after-sales support

Osa Machinery provides our customers with a full complement of support service that enables the customers to use the machine for long time after the delivery.

Our after-sales support includes regular inspection to prevent troubles, adjustment (replace parts, etc.) improvement, and offering advice on additional installation of machinery in addition to responding to defects or troubles.